Sandy Richter

Sandy Richter

Sandy Richter - Artist Profile*

Sandy Richter is an emerging Canadian digital and traditional mixed media artist and designer whose works has been shown at galleries in North America and are held in private collections worldwide. She is passionately committed to daydreaming which reflects in the dream like quality of her fantasy, surreal and abstract portraits.

Artist Statement

My artwork represents the dream world, a world of fantasy, surreal and mystical. A world where anything is possible! The good, the bad and the ugly. I observe the world to understand others and to better understand myself. My artwork is a product of empathy and compassion I feel for others which inspires me to help others express themselves and tell their story. I’m best able to express these visions by utilizing photo manipulation and digital painting which allows me the greatest creative freedom to communicate my inner fantasy life as well as others who entrust me with their visions to make manifest. I also explore these areas through traditional mixed media as well.
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Art on Deck (AOD) x Sandy Richter Collaboration:  "Mandala

Art on Deck x Sandy Richter Studios Mandala Custom Complete Skateboard
Working with a Canadian Manufacturer, out of the province of Quebec, we were able to produce our first limited edition collaboration skateboard deck designs.  We decided to work with two artists and release two designs, one of which is the "Mandala" print by Sandy Richter in a limited run of 48pcs. 
Art on Deck x Sandy Richter Studios Custom Complete Skateboard 'Mandala'

Artist Statement:
“The rainbow texture in the background represents the joy, high energy, chaos and spontaneity of color in contrast to the peace, structure and meditative qualities of the mandala. The layering represents all of the places and spaces between these two points of view. 
After visualizing the idea in my head everything seemed to fall into place. I'm happy with the results and I have also had great feedback. Damion Renner was looking for artists for Art on Deck and asked me to make a piece. I was happy to take up the opportunity.”

AOD Commentary:
Sandy's work is unmistakably detailed, layered, colorful and definitely dream-like.  Her work has an allure that draws you in at first with curiosity, and keeps your attention while enticing you to explore deeper layers within.  Her work constantly reminds me of how things are never the way they may appear at first, proving that with time and attention you can discover and see new things you didn't notice at first.  Just as in life, things are not always as they appear at first glance, and only by digging below the surface can you gain true appreciation and understanding of whatever it is you are learning or discovering.  To me this is what makes Sandy's work visually appealing.
Art on Deck x Sandy Richter Studios Mandala Custom Complete Skateboard

Summerfest 2022 Featured Artist

I was very proud to showcase the "Mandala" design, and promote Sandy's creativity at Summerfest 2022, an annual festival which takes place in the Fairbank Village community of Eglinton Ave. West in Toronto Ontario, Canada. People loved the design.


Art on Deck x Sandy Richter Studios Mandala Custom Complete Skateboard

Product Availability

As of October 2022, the Mandala design is available in our online shop at, and on Canada's Loblaw Marketplace either as a standalone deck which you can build up as a complete, or as an assembled or unassembled complete

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