Canadian Brands


A skateboard company from Montreal, Canada with peaceful, and easygoing artistic designs, connecting with nature, philosophy, and reflection.


An artist-led company from St. John's Newfoundland, portraying significant cultural events, iconic structures and picturesque scenes of Eastern Canada. 

Toronto-Based artist-inspired and skater-owned brand. Art on Deck offers a platform to support and promote artists and independent skateboard brands via online and community-based partnerships, and limited-edition product collaborations. 

An influential and artistic brand from Vancouver, Canada founded by a couple of friends who share a life-long passion for skateboarding, art and fly-fishing.  


M.A.R.S Skateboards brings a unique horror and sci-fi vibe to skateboarding from Nova Scotia, Canada.  These Canadian-made quality decks are great for hanging and skating. 

Morning Bell Skateboards at

A local inner-city Toronto brand with friendly and sociable owners and riders. Their graphic designs and persona support and represent the diversity in skateboarding in Toronto. 

Canada's The Motif Brand has some creatively playful and easy-going designs which serve as an inspiration to the growth and diversity of skate culture and art. 

An alternative secondary school in Toronto, Canada focusing on skill development for youth through an extremely unique and successful skateboard-centered learning program. 

 Pâle Skateboards

An artist-focused brand from Montreal that shares a love of art and skateboarding.  This female-led brand cares deeply about supporting local artists and companies, and we are proud to carry their amazing designs.


Unique, original and visually appealing eye candy - Retna wheels are sure to please. We are proud to support this skater-owned and operated local brand from Ontario, Canada.  


Est. 2008. Studio is a family run business in Montreal, Canada with an active team and original designs.  Studio brings a fresh look and inspires a spirit of creativity and inclusivity.

A skateboard company from Quebec, Canada with a talented and friendly team-oriented vibe.  They bring to life a passion and collaborative spirit with local artists and riders. This is what skateboarding is all about.