Are the items listed for sale currently in stock?
All inventory and stock levels are kept up to date as best as possible, however sometimes administrative errors can occur. If an item was ordered and not in stock, we will notify you right away with an apology and issue a prompt refund.

I’m looking for something to buy that is currently not listed for sale in your store – Can you order this item for me?
What we have for sale is what is in stock and if an item is no longer being manufactured, we cannot obtain more product. Product availability depends on the manufacturer.

Why are there no skateboard parts available in your shop – such as Trucks and Wheels?
As much as we are passionate about skateboarding, our shop is primarily focused around the art and the artists. Please support your local Skateshop when it comes to ordering parts.

Please tell me how many of a specific item or model were produced?
We do not have this information. Manufacturers will sometimes specify quantities produced for limited editions at their own discretion.

What happens after I place an order?
Once you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email. Within 1-2 business days you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number.

Do you offer price-matching, or accept best-offers?
No. Our prices are set to help ensure we can stay in business and continue to grow our selection of products.

Where is your store located?
artondeck.com is an online shop and gallery. We are based in Toronto, Canada.

Do you accept cash?
No. All transactions must be done electronically for tracking and accounting purposes.

Do you accept email money transfers? Yes, but only for Canadian customers. Contact us to arrange for an email money-transfer payment

I’m an artist or the owner of a brand which manufacturers or creates art-themed skateboard decks and would like to partner with your shop.
We are always interested in new partnerships with artists and skateboard companies. Please contact us to discuss opportunities.

Can I pick up an item in person to save on Shipping Costs?
No, however we may be able to drop off or courier an item a reduced fee if you are located within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). We will only consider drop-offs for actual civic addresses (no PO Box or commercial addresses).