Tara Elaschuk

Tara Elaschuk

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Tara Elaschuk - Artist Profile

Tara Elaschuk is a self-taught artist specializing in acrylic and acrylic ink. Born in Brantford, Ontario, Tara currently resides in Toronto. Tara finds her inspiration in music, interpreting what she hears and feels through colour, movement and texture. She enjoys using colours, which aren’t traditionally paired together, creating unusual yet riveting colour palettes.
Tara Elaschuk "Stepping Out"

Tara's Inspirational Work

Everyone interprets art differently and the following commentary is strictly an opinion-based interpretation of how her art makes me feel and what it evokes for me.

I found out about Tara and her art online, and I was captivated right away. I’m enamored by her ability to express nature in its multiple forms – both organized, and realistically chaotic or unpredictable – much the same way life can be.  I love the moods and feelings her work evokes because they are relatable and comfortable and warm.  They make me feel immersed in nature and part of the vibrancy of life whether it’s a gorgeous tree-lined sunset in a remote unspoiled land, a microscopic view into the inner workings of cellular structures, or an aurora borealis in a distant galaxy.   There’s passion and homage paid to the forces of the universe in the fiery reds and calming blues – reminding us of the incredible power of the sun, the oceans, space, and molecular entities.

I’m reminded when looking at Tara’s work, that there’s organization in chaos, and no matter what the forces of nature and the environment are capable of - we have a responsibility to recognize and appreciate it.  Her work is so alive, so connected and so meaningful that it brings forth a sense of peaceful responsibility about our own existence and relationship with the universe.  Tara’s art, at least for me, is a gateway or path towards a stronger connection with earth and space and offers a renewed reaffirmation that we are part of something much larger.  

Taste of the Kingsway 2022 Featured Artist:

In the summer of 2022, I asked Tara if she would be interested in painting on a blank skateboard deck for the purpose of showcasing at a local Toronto Street festival - The Taste of the Kingsway.  Fortunately, Tara had been thinking of designing a skateboard and was interested in the opportunity.  Initially, I offered to simply showcase her piece and return it to her, however I got so attached to it, I just had to purchase it for my own collection.  Tara agreed to sell it to me fortunately and I admire it every day.  The title of this piece is ‘Stepping Out.’

"Stepping Out" by Tara Elaschuk:

Artist Statement:

 "Step out of your comfort zone. Be weird. Be silly. Be yourself. Who cares what other people think; the weirdos are the ones who are remembered."

Tara Elaschuk - Stepping Out 

Tara Elaschuk - Stepping Out
AOD Interpretation:

Everyone interprets art differently and the following commentary is strictly an opinion-based interpretation of how this piece me feel and what it evokes for me. 

What I love about "Stepping Out' is the explosive color, and the impulsive and chaotic feelings it elicits. The mashup of color and textured patterns is striking and mind-blowing, and it really stands out as an energetic and rich piece of work. 

Among the chaos there’s also balance, symmetry and consistency in the patterns and layers.  It makes me feel like I have a front row seat to a galactic theatre of a new galaxy being born, or a star exploding. It’s so alive and breathtaking it makes me want to jump into it so I could have a 360-degree view of the incredible energy happening all around me.

Tara Elaschuk "Stepping Out"

  Find more of Tara's work @taraelaschukartist and at LeGaleriste.

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