Fairbank Summerfest 2022 - Eglinton Ave. W. - Toronto, Canada

Fairbank Summerfest 2022 - Eglinton Ave. W. - Toronto, Canada

The Festival
Fairbank Summerfest is a street festival in the Eglinton Ave. West region of Toronto, at the corner of Dufferin and Eglinton.  This year Art on Deck participated for the first time in the festival and featured some local and regional artists from across Ontario.

Art on Deck's mission is to help support the growth of skateboarding by elevating and promoting independent, local, regional and national artists and skateboard brands. 

Art on Deck partnered with Ontario fine artists, Gloria Kagawa and Sandy Richter to release 2 original designs on limited edition skateboard decks, produced in Quebec by a professional skateboarding manufacturer. 

The event was a huge success as we were able to connect and partner with folks who are interested in art, skateboarding in and around the Eglinton Ave. West area.  This area of Toronto, has seen a growth in the popularity of skateboarding, and we look forward to helping promote skateboarding and art in the Eglinton Ave. West area for many years to come.
Art on Deck BannerSummerfest Picture
Family Support
For over 25 years, my father has been supportive of my love and passion for skateboarding, and equally supportive of my mom's art career.  He came from New Hamburg Ontario to Toronto for 3 days to help with the laborious task of setting up and taking down the display, transporting product, and lending his vehicle and time.   I want to thank my dad for his ongoing support and desire to help, as it would not have been a success without him.

The setup includes a popup tent from ABCCanopy, Easels and Clothing rack from Eddie's Hang-Up Display,  Skateboard display racks by ProBoardRacks, and banners by St Clair Graphics.

Shown here are some original hand-made designs by Triple, and Contrapposto Magnetics, as well as factory-produced designs by Canadian brands: Studio Skateboards, Atlantic Aire, Pâle, Scam Skates, M.A.R.S, Cutts and Bows, and ULC.

This year we were proud to be able to showcase work from Toronto's own Oasis Skateboarding Factory, and a locally run independent board company Contrapposto Magnetics.
Contrapposto Magnetics - Art Deck Display
Eastern Canadian Skateboard Companies
It was an honour to showcase two exceptional Canadian brands; Atlantic Aire and M.A.R.S Skateboards.  Both brands are from Eastern Canada, and it was enjoyable to be able to share their products with customers here in Toronto. 
M.A.R.S and Atlantic Aire decks
M.A.R.S Custom Complete
Unsurprisingly the M.A.R.S deck sold quickly as a custom complete with M.A.R.S wheels.  It looked amazing set up as a complete!
M.A.R.S Complete Skateboard
Art on Deck Debut Limited Edition Decks
Art on Deck partners with artists to create limited edition skateboard designs produced in a professional skateboard factory.   We strive to keep as much of our business within Canada as possible by working with Canadian artists, designers, and manufacturers. 

In 2022, Art on Deck partnered with Gloria Kagawa, a Japanese-Canadian printmaker from New Hamburg, Ontario, and Sandy Richter, a digital designer from Stratford Ontario for the release of two limited edition (48 pcs each) skateboard decks. Shown below from top to bottom: 
  • "Dwelling" by Gloria Kagawa
Artist Statement:
“Dwelling tells a story about the shelters that people live or ‘dwell’ in.
I like exploring the human condition by depicting architectural structures we build that shelter, but also represent our lives, our stories, and our lived experiences. 
While studying art in school (University of Waterloo), I had an interest in prehistoric art and dwellings.  My studies led me and inspired me to create a series of works called the Primitive Series.  Part of an original work from this series, called Dwelling, was taken/used for this Skateboard ...
When I see this part of dwelling presented horizontally on a skateboard, the dwelling depicted appears appears to be made with manual labor by people and with materials from the earth, not by machines or using synthetic materials.  The scene is about our drive to thrive and survive on earth throughout time and space.”
  • "Mandala" by Sandy Richter
“The rainbow texture in the background represents the joy, high energy, chaos and spontaneity of color in contrast to the peace, structure and meditative qualities of the mandala. The layering represents all of the places and spaces between these two points of view. 
  • Oasis Skateboard Factory x GRRLZ Skate Crew
We acquired the GRRLZ Skate Crew skateboard deck from Oasis Skateboard Factory
Gloria Kagawa, OSF and Sandy Richter Skateboard Decks
The Banner
For the event, we designed a beautiful banner to showcase our featured artists: Gloria Kagawa and Sandy Richter:
Gloria Kagawa Sandy Richter Banner
Gloria Kagawa - Featured Artist
Gloria Kagawa - who happens to also be my mom - was able to attend and help out with the event.  It was so amazing to have my mom take part in the event, show her artwork, and interact people from the community.
Gloria Kagawa Onlooking Deck Design
Gloria Kagawa art tent
Afternoon Skateboards
Another Canadian brand we are proud to support and carry is Afternoon.  Here I am checking out this awesome wide Afternoon deck.
Afternoon deck in hand
babyteethskateco / Oasis
This board shown below was hand-crafted by an Oasis Skateboard Factory graduate, babyteethskateco.  To support the artist, we purchased this deck and sold it to another customer with no profit gained.  It's no surprise it sold quickly! 

It looks truly amazing as a complete setup with black trucks and white/black swirl colored wheels.  Pink or yellow wheels may have been better, but this still looked great.
babyteethskateco original complete deck
Alex Plante - Chaos 2021 SCAM Skates
Another artist we love and adore is Alex Plante from Winnipeg, Canada - She partnered with a local skateshop in Winnipeg Scam Skates, to create these amazing CHAOS skateboard decks.   This is a personal favorite graphic, which customers also loved.   These decks were manufactured and designed in Manitoba, Canada. 
Chaos Skateboard Deck Alex Plante x Scam Skates
This year we were proud to be able to showcase work from a Trinidadian/Toronto brand; JIVE brand

Jive Brand
Jive Shirt
Jive Hat
Contrapposto Magnetics
We also featured some original hand-made small-batch skateboard designs by Toronto resident, skateboarder and artist - Contrapposto Magnetics, and Oasis Skateboard graduate - Triple. 
Triple and Contrapposto Magnetics Original Decks
Neighborhood & Coda
We also support and carry a few independent skateboard brands from the United States including CODA Skateboards and Neighborhood Skateboards.
Neighborhood and Coda decks
Summerfest Fun!
Summerfest 2022 was an amazing experience.  The best part was being able to talk with the community and meet people who share an interest in skateboarding and art.   Art on Deck would like to thank the Fairbank Village BIA the local community businesses, and Superior Events, and we look forward to returning in 2023!

Summerfest Picture
Art on Deck Tent Side View
Summerfest Picture
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