Qualicum Beach Skate Jam - British Columbia, Canada - MAY 26, 2024

Qualicum Beach Skate Jam - British Columbia, Canada - MAY 26, 2024

 Qualicum Beach Skate Jam - May 26, 2024

When @qb_skaters contacted me to help support their QB Skate Jam in their goal to upgrade a skatepark, I jumped at the opportunity to donate a complete skateboard and a few artist collaboration skateboard decks from our inventory.

Art on Deck collaborated with artists; Gloria Kagawa (New Hamburg, ON) and Sandy Richter (Stratford, ON) to produce these limited skateboard decks (only 48 made of each design). They were made by Control MFG, an industry leading Canadian skateboarding manufacturer in Quebec.

These limited decks are for prizes and giveaways at the Qualicum Beach Skaters QB Skate Jam, a very important skateboarding event in Qualicum, British Columbia, Canada, on May 26, 2024.

QB Skaters is on a serious mission to bring skateboarding to life in their community, to break stereotypes about skateboarding, and to bring together people of all ages in an inclusive and positive way. I’m so impressed with their level of organization and resourcefulness and I believe in what they are doing.

A Skatepark is a place where you can be with and around others in the community. It should also be a place of non-judgement where people of all skill levels can enjoy the physical and mental stimulation skateboarding offers. A great skatepark will have multiple areas that people can enjoy, offering obstacles that vary in their difficulty to maneuver, but not all skateparks are designed that way – often due to budget or space limitations, and also political pushback.QB Skaters has an incredible skatepark design that includes all of these elements. It will be so amazing for the community.

There’s a  Skateshop called StrangeHouse in Louisa, Virginia, USA and they always have good deals and a great selection of products.  I asked Frank the owner if there was a skatepark nearby. He said the city would never allow one. I responded saying if they ever do I’d help support it, however he seemed very doubtful it would ever happen. So, whenever I hear about a skatepark being built, it warms my soul to know that there is an effort to build them and improve the quality of life in local communities. 

As a huge proponent and supporter of skateboarding and skateparks, I wanted to know more about QB Skaters and their event, and find out what the organizers feelings and goals were. I also wanted to know learn all about their awesome project of rebuilding a skatepark.

I asked one of the organizers a few questions which they agreed to us posting in this blog. Here’s what they had to say:

QB Skaters: An Overview

What is QB Skaters all about? 

QB Skaters is a passionate community group based in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, dedicated to revitalizing the aging QB Skatepark and promoting skateboarding culture. Comprised of local parents, skaters, and businesses, the group focuses on creating an inclusive, vibrant, and accessible skatepark that caters to the diverse needs of the community.

What does skateboarding bring to the community? 

In Qualicum Beach, known for its senior-oriented community, there's also a growing number of young families and kids who need more spaces to enjoy and be active. Our skatepark is a fantastic spot where everyone on wheels—skateboards, scooters, bikes—can come together and feel welcome. Building a new skatepark here would bring numerous benefits: it keeps everyone moving, improving balance, coordination, and overall health; helps with stress relief and teaches perseverance and creativity; serves as a place where people of all ages can hang out, make friends, and strengthen community ties; and provides kids a positive place to learn new skills, get mentorship, and express themselves in a safe environment. A new skatepark would be a vibrant, inclusive space for everyone in Qualicum Beach to enjoy, helping our community stay active, connected, and thriving.

The Story and History of the QB Skatepark Revitalization Project 

The QB Skatepark has been a community asset for over 20 years but has suffered from extensive weathering and outdated design. Recognizing its importance, a dedicated group of locals formed QB Skaters to advocate for its revitalization. This initiative has seen strong community engagement, with efforts including:

  • Partnership with the Town of Qualicum Beach: The Town manages funds and resources, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Fundraising and Community Events: QB Skaters organize various events, such as art shows, auctions, skate competitions and more to raise funds and foster community involvement.
  • Youth Programming: Collaborating with Oceanside Youth for Youth, QB Skaters delivers youth and skateboarding programs, including the use of the Canada Skateboard Grant to provide boards and equipment to kids and run events.

Challenges Faced

  • Funding: Securing sufficient funds to cover the extensive upgrades and ongoing maintenance. Our goal is 300K.
  • Community Perceptions: Changing the attitudes of a predominantly senior community to view skateboarding as a positive, intergenerational activity.
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity: Ensuring the skatepark is accessible to individuals of all abilities and inclusive of all demographics.

Aspirations Beyond Funding QB Skaters aim to:

  • Promote Intergenerational Engagement: Showcasing skateboarding as an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages, bridging generational gaps.
  • Incorporate Art and Culture: Integrating art exhibits, such as the skateboarding museum exhibit, to celebrate the 20-year history of skateboarding in Qualicum Beach.
  • Sustain Community Involvement: Continuing to host regular meetups, annual events, and diverse community activities that engage a wide range of residents.
  • Advocate for Skateboarding: Positioning skateboarding as a respected and integral part of the community’s culture and recreational offerings.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Upgrade and Enhance: Redesigning the skatepark to meet modern standards and improve safety.
  2. Foster Community Engagement: Involving residents and stakeholders in the project through consultations and events.
  3. Prioritize Accessibility and Inclusivity: Ensuring the skatepark is accessible to all abilities and demographics.
  4. Create a Sustainable Community Asset: Utilizing durable materials and efficient maintenance practices to ensure longevity.

Type of Project Facility improvement project aimed at redesigning and upgrading the existing skatepark.

Location QB Skatepark, 747 Jones Street, Qualicum Beach, BC V9K 1S7.

Ages of Participants All ages are welcome, promoting inclusivity and recreational opportunities for everyone.

Other Relevant Information

  • The project honors the rich history of the QB Skatepark.
  • Community engagement is key, with active involvement from local residents, businesses, and stakeholders.
  • Accessibility features will be incorporated to ensure equal access for all.
  • Sustainable practices will ensure the skatepark remains a valuable community asset.
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