1991 Skatepark Tour - Bullet Skateclub, Joplin MO

1991 Skatepark Tour - Bullet Skateclub, Joplin MO

Further west from Springfield, MO is Joplin, Missouri, where we found another local skatepark.  

Bullet Skateclub was very cool indoor park with some amazing deals. This skatepark was laid out very well with several ramps to choose from. 

I couldn't skate as well as some of the locals here, but at least I was a fairly good photographer.  This shot of one skater getting some air off the mini-ramp was taken using my mom's Minolta, handheld, manual click camera. 

We didn't get to stay here for long as we were just passing through, but I was definitely glad we stopped in.  Missouri seemed to have a lot to offer the skateboarding community back then, and I was happy to have experienced a piece of that history. 

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