1991 - Skatepark Tour - HI ROLLERS Skatepark, Nashville TN

1991 - Skatepark Tour - HI ROLLERS Skatepark, Nashville TN

 About a 3-hour drive from Louisville, KY was the next major city on our route, Nashville Tennessee!  We found a pretty large outdoor skatepark with plenty of ramps and street obstacles available.  

It was pretty large for a skatepark and i was amazed at how much there was to explore.  I loved the wide mini-ramps, and the freedom to skate without many people around. It was truly a mini-ramp paradise for me!

Hooters and Gatorade; I guess somethings never change.

Plenty of ramps, and not many people.  What a great facility though for 1991. 

The wide assortment and quantity of ramps made it so that everyone had room to skate, and there was plenty of options to choose from.  It was really a good park in terms of its ability to cater to all skill levels. 

What a nice shot of this fantastic skatepark.  I'll never forget skating here.  Thank you, Nashville and Hi-Rollers, for an unforgettable memory.

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