1991 - Skatepark Tour - Ohio Surf & Skate - Dayton, OH

1991 - Skatepark Tour - Ohio Surf & Skate - Dayton, OH

One of our first stops was a small shop in Dayton Ohio called Ohio Surf & Skate.  It was a really cool local shop which had a half-pipe in the back.  When we arrived sometime in the early afternoon, there were no other customers.   It really felt great because we had the full attention of the shop owner who was super stoked we had traveled from Canada to come shop and skate at their location.  It's hard to believe this was 30 years ago!


Back then, stores were stocked with Powell Peralta and Santa Cruz classics which are highly coveted and sought after as collector's items these days.Check out those decks up on the wall for the pros;  Lance Mountain, Jason Jessee, Steve Saiz, Tom Knox, and Claus Grabke!   Airwalk was also huge back then - and my go to shoe was the Prototype 540 model with the lace protection cover. 

...and of course, I couldn't leave without trying the mini-ramp in the back!  There was nobody there but us!



Thanks to the shop owners of Ohio Surf & Skate in 1991 who were so incredibly welcoming and friendly - it really was a fun time visiting your shop.  Thank you Dayton Ohio for the great time and of course for Kim Deal, one of my favorite musicians and vocalists from the band "The Breeders". 

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