1991 - Skatepark Tour - Public Park, Brighton CO

1991 - Skatepark Tour - Public Park, Brighton CO

In the northern Denver suburb of Brighton, Colorado, we discovered a small public outdoor park with a mini ramp and some street obstacles.  I was practicing blunt to fakies and launching.


This park wasn't very busy at all, so I spent a lot of time here practicing and enjoying the outdoor mini-ramp.  It had a painted metal surface which made it pretty smooth and weather resistant. The height was a comfortable 4' and it was very easy to ride.  Here's where I learned to do frontside nosegrinds to fakie. and frontside 180 grinds.

The half-pipe was really well-built, and it felt solid when riding on it. I couldn't believe how little it was used by the locals, so I really spent as much time as possible here.  I loved it there so much I even skated well into the evening.


Thanks Brighton Colorado for building this public skate park, and for recognizing the importance of skateboarding back then.

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